Xamarin Project, Day 1

What is Xamarin:

  • Acquired by Microsoft in 2016
  • Allow the developer to develop mobile application faster, easier and more efficient
  • Test Cloud allows you to test mobile application both Android and iOS on real devices that available through the cloud
  • You as a developer will have access to a ton of real physical devices through the internet which is great for you to test your application
  • “Insight” allows you to get information about how your users navigate through your app and encountering any bugs that need to be fixed so you can improve your application
  • Finally, there is “Platform” which allows you to build Android and iOS application by sharing C# code. Xamarin “Platform” is divided into Xamarin “Classic” and “Forms”
  • Able to share logic between Android and iOS so you will need to code your C# login once and share it with Android and iOS
  • Xamarin forms are able to share UI so you only need to design your UI once

With XAMARIN, you can:

  1. build a native application for both Android and iOS in a sense that you will have native UI because everything that you will be doing from Xamarin classic or forms will be rendered as Native Control once they are on Android or iOS
  2. given access to native API so whatever you can do with java in Android Studio/Swift or objective-C on iOS, you will be able to do in Xamarin using C#
  3. have native performance because of two points above

Xamarin is free if you are:

  • Any number of users that develop an open-source licensed app.
  • Any number of users that develop extension or components of Xamarin or Visual Studio.
  • Any number of users that develop apps for training or academic research.
  • If none of the above condition met, it’s a team of up to 5 individuals.

You need to pay for Xamarin if:

  • Collectively with affiliates has more than 250 computers or users
  • More than 1 million dollars in yearly earnings

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